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  • Baebab

    Single Button Cut Corner Cuff
    & Standard Small Collar

  • Pendula

    Single Button Cut Corner Cuff
    & Standard Small Collar

  • Gela

    Single Button Cut Corner Cuff
    & Standard Small Collar

  • Arrowwood

    Single Button Cut Corner Cuff
    & Half Spread Collar

  • Netula

    Single Button Cut Corner Cuff
    & Standard Small Collar

  • Elmshorn

    Single Button Cut Corner Cuff
    & Standard Collar

  • Erlensee

    Double Button Cut Corner Cuff
    & Half Spread Collar


Tailored Shirts

We use Technology to Simplify the Tailored Shirt and Tailored Suit Experience.

You’re an individual, dress like one.

At Tailors Mark, it’s our ambition to make it easy for you to buy tailored shirts and tailored suits that express your individuality.

At work and on the weekends, it’s the clothes we wear that define us - so we’ve streamlined the process and made it easy to buy tailored, custom business shirts and tailored suits online.

Design Your own Tailored Shirt.

At Tailors Mark, we know that there’s always something off about buying a shirt off the shelf.

Whether the right arm is a little too long, or it doesn’t quite fit around the shoulders. With us, we’ve simplified the process.

At Tailors Mark, we use technology to simplify the tailoring process, which means you can be sized, fitted, and ready to order online in just a few seconds.

Once you’ve been sized, we’ll store your details, which means you’ll able to order and re-order custom tailored shirts and tailored suits again and again online.

Once you’ve been fitted, you can choose from thousands of men’s tailored shirt and tailored suit styles, in all different colours, cuts, and fabrics. It’s all done online, so in just a few seconds you can choose your styles, place them in the cart, and have the order placed in our tailoring studio.

Embrace You. Tailored Suits and Tailored shirts from Tailors Mark.

We’ve created ranges and styles that are crafted for all occasions, from unique wedding shirts and wedding suits, to tailored shirts, custom tailored jackets, tailored suits, pants and tailored chinos, for work and play.

We’re an Australian company, and we place huge importance on speed of service and quality, so within three weeks of your order your tailored shirts and tailored suits will arrive at your door.

Because we’re careful during the tailoring process, our fits are almost always delivered to your exact specifications. Over the past few years, we’ve managed to create efficiencies in our system so that our return rate is well below most tailored suit brands.

Together with creating custom outfits, we make it easy for you to pair your exotic choices with the basics, so there’s a range of tailored suits and tailored shirts options available on our website that narrow down the choices for you.

When you’re selecting your shirt online, we tailor our system to choose the fabrics that are best suited to you, guiding you through the process of selecting fabric and model, collar and cuff, size and shape. Once you’ve chosen the design details, we’ll help you choose from slim fit, standard fit, larger fit, extra loose, long sleeve, or short sleeve tailored men’s shirts and tailored suits.

Dress it up, Dress it Down. Custom Tailored Shirts and Suits.

With hidden buttons, custom stitching, plackets, front darts, and stitched monograms on your tailored shirts you can make it work for any occasion.

Since we started as a business in Australia, we’ve had people from all over the world creating accounts online. What we’ve noticed, is that once you’ve created your fit, there’s no real reason to shop anywhere else.

At Tailors Mark, our choices mean that you can buy custom made basics and still have money left over to pair the basics with flourishes of colour and flare across the rest of your wardrobe, from tailor made pants to tailored trousers, dress shirts, and made to measure suits.

We’ve set up so that our products are tiered. While we never compromise on service or quality, you can choose materials and fabrics that save you money on the basics, while spending a little more on your clothes for special occasions, like wedding suits, wedding outfits, and custom jackets.

Tailored Wedding Suits From Tailors Mark

Our wedding suits and wedding outfit range is always tailored to your individual needs, because on your wedding day, it’s important to express your individuality and to feel and look yourself.

Together with your grooms party, you’ll be able to select and customise men’s shirts, tailored trousers, tailored jackets, and tailor made pants. We’ll make a fitting appointment, get you measured, and deliver everything in time for wedding day.

Individuality, Simplified. Tailored Shirts and Suits for you

We make custom made shirts and suits that save you time.

Since day one, it’s been our vision to simplify the tailored suits and tailored shirts experience. So we’ve created a simple tool that will have you sized in seconds, and design your tailored shirt from start to finish. You can stick to the basics, or customise from thousands of design details, fabrics and materials.

Follow our simple step-by-step instructions to design your tailored shirts.

You’re an individual, dress like one.

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