Shirt Fabrics

Our fabric selection is available at four price categories based on quality and finish.

Level 1 : Fabrics with a fine blend of cotton and some polyester, both single and two ply variations.

Level 2 : Fabrics feature a rich blend of cotton fabrics in single and two ply variations.

Level 3 : 100% two-ply cotton fabrics. The ultimate blend of practicality and luxury.

Level 4 : Luxe 100% two-ply cotton fabrics. Our most high-end selection of fabrics.


There are several fabric weaving techniques that each create a unique finish. Learn more about the weaves you can select from here

Shirt Customisations

Collar Description
Standard This simple collar style can be worn with or without a tie and suits all face shapes.
Button Down This style features buttonholes on the points which fasten to the collar, removing the need for starching. This collar can be styled with or without a tie, for the office or the weekend.
Short Button Down This variation on the button-down collar features shorter points. Can be dressed up or down and best suits those with long or oval-shaped faces.
Hidden Button Down This variation on the button-down collar features hidden buttons, for a dressed-up look without the need for starching.
Double Button Down A casual style of button-down collar features two buttons at the neck and longer points. This style is perfect for framing a wide or round face shape.
Full Spread This elevated, heritage style of collar is usually worn on formal occasions and looks best with a large tie knot like the Windsor tie knot.
Half Spread A versatile collar with medium spread, can be worn with or without a tie.
Cutaway Collar A slightly longer version of the Full Spread collar with wider collar tips. Can be worn with or without a tie. Layer under a jacket for a sharp, modern look.
Batman Collar This elevated collar has long points and is best worn with a tie. Suits men with round or square faces.
Long Tab A business-style collar with tabs extending from its undersides which fasten together with a snap. Must be styled with a tie.
Short Tab Similar to the Long Tab collar, this option is perfect for the office. Its shorter tabs are ideal to showcase a statement tie.
Saint Germaine This collar has two buttons at the neck and can be worn with or without a tie. Flatters round face shapes.
Mao Collar Clean and understated, this single-button collarless style is casual and is worn without a necktie.
London Long A traditional collar, best styled for business or formal events, has long points to flatter round or square face shapes. Usually worn with a tie.
London Long Double Button This classic collar has long points and double buttons. Suits round face shapes and is best styled with a tie.
Modern An architectural collar with long, prominent points. Can be styled for work or weekend, with or without a tie. Enhances round and square face shapes.
Wing Tip Collar This entrance-making collar is for the most formal occasions. Style with a statement bowtie.
Round Collar The round collar provides a tighter fit on the neck, ideal for office wear or events. Featuring long points to flatter round or square faces.

Soft - Soft collars are best for casual or smart casual shirts.

Normal - Normal stiffness is the most popular choice, ideal for office or lounge suit looks.

Stiff - A stiff collar should be chosen for more formal dress codes or when you need to look extra polished.


We provide collar stays for applicable shirt styles. These stays can be removed and replaced based on how you want your shirt to look. Removable collar stays are NOT available for the following collars::

  • - Button Down
  • - Long Tab
  • - Mao Collar
  • - Wing tip- Smoking collar
  • - Small button down
  • - Short tab collar
  • - Hidden Button Down
  • - Button Down double button

Cuff Description
Single Button Round This clean barrel-style cuff features one button and a round cut
Double Button Round This barrel cuff features two buttons, ideal for when you'd prefer a tighter cuff, in a simple rounded style.
Single Button Cut Corner This classic barrel style cuff features one button and a beveled edge, perfect for the office or an event.
Double Button Cut Corner This barrel style cuff has two buttons for a heritage look and works best when you want tighter fitting cuffs.
Single Button Square This effortless style of cuff works with formal, business, or preppy attire.
French Round French, or double cuffs, have an extra length of sleeve folded back to be fastened with your favorite cufflinks. These are round-cut and are ideal for formal occasions.
French Angled A dapper, formal style of cuff designed to highlight statement cufflinks. Features beveled edges for extra polish.
French Square French cuffs are made with extra lengths of sleeve which fold back and are fastened by cufflinks. This style are square-cut, ideal for a formal dress code.
Triple Button Cut Corner This is a heritage style barrel cuff with three buttons for a tighter fitting sleeve. Featuring beveled edges for added style.
Triple Button Round The traditional barrel cuff is reimaged with three buttons and a rounded finish. Ideal for a tight sleeve look.
Triple Button Square This traditional barrel style cuff features three buttons for a tighter fitting sleeve and is squared for a classic look.
Milanese Cut Corner Milanese cuffs, or 'James Bond' cuffs, are a dapper choice for formal occasions. Beveled edges add a modern, sharp look.
Milanese Round These Milanese cuffs, also known as 'James Bond' Cuffs, feature a classic round cut style, ideal for formal or black tie dress codes.
Single Button Round (short) A very formal cuff, similar to a Single Button Round cuff with a more narrow finish.


Soft - The soft cuff option works best for casual, comfortable shirts.

Standard - The normal cuff option is ideal for business shirts or for when you want to look crisp and sharp.

Stiff - The stiff cuff option is best suited for shirts worn on formal occasions with formal attire.


No Placket - A clean and simple placket used on both business and casual shirts.

Box Placket - A unisex, narrow placket style for traditional business or casual shirts.

Hidden Buttons - This placket style features hidden buttons and is used on formal shirts. Perfect to showcase a statement tie.

Tuxedo Placket - The tuxedo placket features tuxedo ruffles on the front of the shirt with visible shirt buttons.


Modern - A clean cut that suits business and casual shirts. This shirt can be worn both tucked or untucked.

Traditional - A traditional longer-line cut is designed for business or formal attire. This shirt should be tucked into trousers.

Straight with slit - A versatile detail for office, smart casual, and casual shirts. Can be styled both tucked into trousers and un-tucked.


Front Darts - A unisex detail, front darts give the shirt a more tailored look and a fitted finish.

Traditional Yoke - Classic and effortless, this style is perfect for office, casual, and formal shirts.

Western Yoke - This playful yoke style evokes is a unique detail on casual style shirts.

Angle - This European-influenced yoke style is seen on casual shirts

TEXT_PLAIN - The plain back cut is standard on most casual, smart casual and button-down shirts.

Centre Folds - The box pleat is the most popular style of back cut, ideal for office, casual, and formal shirts. Allows more room across the shoulders.

Side Darts - This detail gives shirts a more tailored look and feel, seen on both casual or formal shirts.

Back Darts - A unisex detail to give the shirt a more tailored look and fitted feel.

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