Every garment we sell is made from hand and cut with precision to your exact body measurements and shape.

In order to ensure the best fit, we’ll need some information from you. Get started by selecting one of the following options. Apply the measurement profile to any item you purchase.

There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the fit of all shirts and suits, so you can be sure you’ll have better fitting garments than you’ve ever worn before.


  • AutoSize - Recommended

    No tape measure required. Just answer a few simple questions and we can accurately determine your unique shirt size.


    Enter key body measurements and we’ll tailor to your preferred fit.


    Measure an existing shirt and we’ll tailor to its exact dimensions.


  • Book a Fitting

    A complimentary, no obligation fitting with a style consultant at office or home. Measured with precision by one of our team. We service Melbourne and Sydney metro areas only.


    Depending on what you’re looking to purchase, you can enter body measurements for each type of suit garment:

    • Full suit - click here
    • Jacket only - click here
    • Vest only - click here
    • Pants only - click here
    • Chinos only - click here

    You can also download a simple guide here.


    If you already have a favourite suit, you can measure those garments and we can tailor a new custom design garment to those dimensions.

    • Measure an existing - jacket
    • Measure an existing - pant
    • Measure an existing - chino
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