Get Fitted perfect fit guarantee.

  • Measure your Body

    Follow our simple instructions, put in your key measurements, and we’ll tailor your shirt based on your size and fit preferences.

  • Measure an Existing Shirt

    Measure your favourite shirt and we’ll tailor a new shirt to its exact dimensions.

  • Use Existing Measurements

    Already measured?Order another shirt to the same specifications.


  • Very good user guidance!

    Germany Torsten Hohendorff, Germany
  • Excellent navigation through the Menu. Also the measurement guide is easy to understand and possible to do for the ones doing it for the first time.

    Germany Christoph Roth, Germany
  • I've been very pleased with my Tailors Mark shirts, both in fit and finish, and more importantly the customer service behind it. Very easy to recommend!

    United Kingdom Jeff Rickman, United Kingdom
  • The service and support are great.

    Germany Werner Reiter, Germany
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