Care Instructions


  • Prior to your first wear, wash your shirt to soften the material and remove any chemicals from the fabrics;
  • Use lukewarm water for washing;
  • Separate the white from coloured clothes, particularly on first washes;
  • Avoid tumble drying your shirts. Instead, let them hang inside-out;
  • Use non-abrasive stain remover around the collar, cuff and armpit region before washing when necessary to maintain the shirt’s colour and brightness;
  • For best results use a steam iron. Always set the temperature according to the fabric you’re ironing.


  • Cleaning: A clothes brush and hand steamer will be sufficient for most suits. Make sure you never wash your jacket. Only dry clean your suit when absolutely necessary;
  • Pressing: You can press your suit if it gets wrinkled, however, a hand-held clothes steamer and trouser press work well for everyday wear;
  • Storage: Always hang your suit on a hanger and leave it upright in the closet. Make sure it’s got plenty of air.

Trousers & Chinos

  • You can machine wash your trousers or chinos on gentle or have them dry cleaned. Never tumble dry them.


  • You can machine wash your socks, but never tumble dry them.


  • Wash your ties separately in a machine on a gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


  • Cleaning: Use a micro bre cloth or soft polishing cloth for general cleaning;
  • Don’t use cleaning solutions, polishes or tarnish removers;
  • Storage: Store the cufflinks in storage cases to help prevent wear.

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