Tailored Shirt Measurements


  • A: Do NOT add room to your body measurements; Tailors Mark will add room depending on the 'fit' of shirt that you have selected.
  • A: We recommend that you wear a comfortable shirt and a comfortable pair of trousers. Measuring over the top of these clothes is fine. Ensure that you are not wearing a jacket or a jumper and make sure that you have emptied your pockets of wallets, phones etc.
  • A: The tape measure should be placed around your body in a snug fashion; it should NOT be tight or restricting, nor should it be too loose; lay the tape measure comfortably around your body parts.
  • A: Yes. Select either cm's or inches when you start measuring yourself.
  • A: If you realize that you have made errors in your measurements, we will try our very best to help you, however we really need to hear from you within 24 hours from the time you placed your order.
  • A: Please take ALL of your measurements as per the standard instructions. Record your full sleeve length measurement and we will apply our measurement rule of 0.6 to create the actual sleeve length of your 3/4 sleeve shirt. For your wrist, please take your normal wrist measurement, and we shall again apply our measurement rules to create the cuff size of your 3/4 sleeve. Please click here to check measurement rules.
  • A: No. We account for the type of cuff that he has chosen; with a french cuff that folds back, we will ensure that the total length of the sleeve (with the cuff folded back) will be equal to the measurement you provide by following our standard sleeve length instructions.